AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Viking Bags Moto Motorcycle Backpack

OMG, I LOVE this Viking moto motorcycle backpack from Viking Bags! I carry a backpack 365 days a year but since I ride so much, the backpack that I normally use isn't capable of carrying very much and especially can't carry my large DSLR Canon camera with lens and battery grip. I am a moto-journalist and since I ride a chopper, I can't pack very much AND I have to be able to carry my camera safely. Problem solved with this Viking backpack. I LOVE how it contours to your body; it fits me perfectly with its molded body. I love that it is padded and made of durable Cordura material. The fact that it is made in Pakistan is a great thing as I know that they make high quality items in their country.

Viking Bags moto backpack

Viking Bags moto backpack

The backpack has two small side pockets that are not very big, maybe for credit cards, cash; proof of insurance, gum- those kinds of things. The zippers are large and seem to be very well made and easy to unzip. The main compartment has several interior compartments. To carry my camera, I take the lens off and this backpack has NO problem being able to carry my camera PLUS many other things very comfortably. This backpack also has a built in helmet hood but since I always wear a helmet I will not be utilizing that option. There is also a Velcro pocket on the backside (the side that contours to your body) and a zippered pocket where the built in hood lives.

Viking Bags moto backpack

I love how this backpack has two sets of adjustable straps- the first wrapping around the front of your chest and the second larger set wrapping around the bottom of your waist. This keeps the backpack from catching wind and keeps it fitted to you as you ride since this is most definitely a MOTORCYCLE backpack.

I have tried other backpacks in the past and most of them are square and never feel "right" when you are riding. This one is NOT like that! When I went to North Carolina and got caught in the rain in the Smoky Mountains, this pack protected my camera and all of my gear!  I love everything about this backpack and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a better riding backpack.

Viking Bags moto backpack

It can be purchased on Amazon here or directly through their website here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My '56 Panhead using Star brite products

'56 Panhead cleaned with Star brite products

I just finished cleaning my '56 Panhead.  The bike was very dirty as I haven't cleaned it since getting back from North Carolina last June and I have NEVER actually washed the bike, just wiped it here and there.  I don't like to use up a lot of my time cleaning when I can be riding.

Before- very dirty

First I removed the rust from my Spartan springer with a MasterPro refinishing scuffing pad.  The pads come three to a package and are 6" x 9".  I cut one to get the size I needed to work on the bike with.  I only worked on the front end about 30 minutes. 

MasterPro refinishing 6"x9" scuffing pad

MasterPro refinishing 6"x9" scuffing pad cut to size

MasterPro refinishing 6"x9" scuffing pad after using it 30 minutes

I then washed the entire bike with Xtreme Clean.  After letting the bike sit after rinsing off the Xtreme Clean, I then took a microfiber and lightly dried it.  Once it was dry, I applied Bike Guard to all of the metal, including the exhaust pipes, tank, fender, seat pan and other misc chrome pieces.  I used Xtreme Protectant on the tires and I applied Corrosion Blocker to my springer since the springer is raw, it has to be protected and what I've been using doesn't seem to last.  The Corrosion Blocker actually bonds to the metal and forms a protective barrier.  I couldn't be happier with these Star brite products and my Panhead has never looked better!

Star brite Xtreme Protectant
Star brite Xtreme Clean

Star brite Bike Guard

Star brite Corrosion Blocker

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Viking Bags Dirtman Enduro Saddlebags and Tank Bag

I have to admit, I have NEVER run bags on any enduro I have ever owned.  When I received these, I figured I would try them out and then take them off.  Boy was I wrong!  My husband owns a matching pair of 1993 Yamaha TW200 enduros.  We decided to put the saddlebags on the one he rides and the tank bag on the one I ride, mainly so that when I did the review, you could tell that the bags didn't hurt the appearance much.  Please note, we have been riding the bikes since last Fall so that I could test the bags and give an honest review.

TW200's with Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro saddlebags and tank bag

First off, the bags are VERY easy to install and they stay in place.  They have lots of straps that should be long enough to fit just about any dirt bike or enduro.  The bags are made from tough Cordura, which is weather resistant but is not rainproof (I know as I washed the bikes yesterday WITH the bags on).  They did dry out quickly though.

 Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro saddlebags

The saddlebags are soft sided and can be cinched up closer to the bike if you so desire.  We have found that neither bag interferes at ALL with ridability or maneuverability.  In fact you would never even know they were there, except of course, you are staring at the tank bag.

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro saddlebags

The saddlebags measure 15 1/2 by 3 1/2 by 9 1/2.  The bags are NOT expandable BUT the straps can be used to make the bags bigger to hold more or cinched up if you are carrying less.  The straps do have plastic buckles and then double heavy duty metal YKK zippers, which is really nice.

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro saddlebags

The bags have one large main compartment and then a much smaller zippered pocket on the outside which is easier to get to.  As you can see, I was able to get my entire hand in there and then some.  So the pocket, although by appearance looks super small, can fit quite a bit.  The bags are rated to hold 515.5 cubic inches each so you have 1031 cubic inches of total storage.  The bags have lots of plastic hooks so that you can attach other things if you so desire.  The bags also contain reflective strips for some added safety in case you are out at night.

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro saddlebags

When we go out we usually carry a couple 20 oz waters, several snacks, 5-10 Arkansas Motorcycling Guides to hand out when we stop and eat, an extra pair of gloves for the both of us, as well as pens, a notebook, etc in one of the saddle bags.  The other one we usually leave empty as when we get too hot we can shed clothes and put them away.  The last time we went out, I had to put a hoodie, a long sleeved thermal shirt, a thin long sleeved jacket, and Gabe's jacket liner in there.  And we STILL had room to spare.

You can purchase the saddlebags here or on Amazon here.

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro saddlebags

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro saddlebags

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro saddlebags

The tank bag is also made of Cordura. It measures 11 1/2 by 10 1/2 by 2.  It is rated to hold 262.5 cubic inches and has fabric flaps to protect your paint from the attachment points.  It is also easy to install and when you need to get gas, you just quickly release the two plastic connectors on the front then just lift the bag up.  When you are finished, then reattach the connectors.

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro tank bag

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro tank bag

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro tank bag

The tank bag also has heavy duty metal YKK zippers and the main compartment has double zippers, which is very nice.  I use this bag for one and only one purpose- to carry my DSLR camera in.  Since I am a moto-journalist I wanted to try a tank bag as a way to carry my Canon T6i with 18-135 lens and battery grip.  It fits perfectly, with the lens attached so that I can unzip the bag, using the double zippers that I have brought together, take the lens cap off and start shooting immediately.  I did however, have to permanently lift up the flap to make it easier to get into for my camera, which can be seen in the photos.

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro tank bag revised to hold Canon DSLR with 18-135 lens

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro tank bag revised to hold Canon DSLR with 18-135 lens

The tank bag also has a clear pouch on top that you can put a map or phone, etc in and it has a clear mesh zippered pocket under the clear top.  The bag also has a quick access, very small zippered mesh pocket on the outside which I usually carry a Chap-stick in.

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro tank bag

Like I said, we had never used saddlebags on an enduro before but now we can't imagine riding one without them!  They offer so many possibilities we LOVE them!!!!

Viking Cycles Dirtman Enduro tank bag revised to hold Canon DSLR with 18-135 lens
You can purchase the tank bag here or on Amazon here

Friday, April 20, 2018

Star brite Xtreme clean degreaser- AMAZING!!!!

I just have to say OMG that Star brite Xtreme clean is AMAZING!!!  I just cleaned a large flat stainless tray that I was given with my '37 Knucklehead since it leaked so much oil.  I then thought "Maybe I am overreacting" so I went and got an oil catch pan that was absolutely filthy and had been sitting in the yard for some time.  After draining it into my fire, I used Xtreme clean on it and it was unbelievable.  So easy to use, hardly no smell and took almost no clean water to rinse.  So then I cleaned an old truck bed mat that had been sitting here and needed to be clean.

I wish I would have taken before pics on these three items.

Oil pans AFTER using Xtreme clean degreaser- looks like new!

I have tried a LOT of de-greasers and this is absolutely the best one I have ever used!

So today I decided to clean my 4-speed for my '68 Charger.   I have been neglecting it for months upon months because I knew it was going to take too much pain staking labor that I didn't want to put in.  So I put it on my list today to use the Xtreme clean.  This time I took before and after pics.

Before using Star brite Xtreme clean degreaser

During use- you can see it lifting grease and dirt

After using Star brite Xtreme clean degreaser

After using Star brite Xtreme clean degreaser

I love products that work.  You can purchase it here

Monday, April 16, 2018

Baker Drivetrain- one of my sponsors of my '37 Knucklehead "Redemption" build

I LOVE Baker Drivetrain and I run their N-1 shift drum in all of my other bikes.  When Baker stepped up to sponsor me by donating an N-1 to my "Redemption" build, I was over the moon!!  They make the absolute BEST drive-train components out there.  Now that my husband has rode my Panhead with the N-1 he has got to have one for his flathead!!!

When you want neutral on the bottom (or on the top), the N-1 is what you need!

Check 'em out here

Baker Drivetrain sponsor of "Redemption" with the Baker N-1 shift drum

Baker Drivetrain sponsor of "Redemption"