AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Save $5 when you order at Zenni Optical the first time

Save $5.00 at Zenni Optical

I have been ordering through Zenni Optical for YEARS and have got several people to start ordering their glasses there.  Since you can get glasses for just $6.95 a PAIR, that comes with cleaning cloth and hard case, what's NOT to love about that?????

Anyways, I just placed a new order since I went to the eye doctor yesterday and my glasses that I had are no longer strong enough.  I looked EVERYWHERE for a coupon code or discount and could find NOTHING.

BUT.......if you have never ordered from them before, you can order through this link Zenni Optical save $5.00 and will be on your way to save a cool $5.00!