AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Five page feature in Germany's "Harley Davidson Dream Machines" magazine

My '81 Ironhead was featured in this magazine back in early 2016 with a four page feature.  My Pan just outdid it with a five page feature!

September 2018 Harley Davidson Dream Machines magazine out of Germany

September 2018 Harley Davidson Dream Machines magazine

September 2018 Harley Davidson Dream Machines magazine

September 2018 Harley Davidson Dream Machines magazine

Friday, July 13, 2018

If you would like to sponsor the building of "Redemption" let me know

If you would like to sponsor the building of "Redemption" please contact me.  I have some awesome sponsors but I could always use more to accomplish my goal of having this bike ready this year!

Chris and 1937 Knucklehead "Redemption"

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Spectro Performance Oils has great products

I run Spectro Motor Guard high performance oil in my 1973 Rallye Challenger, which is my daily driver and newest thing I own.  Spectro truly is the best oil on planet Earth!

1973 flat black Rallye Challenger

1973 Rallye Challenger uses Spectro Motor Guard oil

Chris Gibbany's 1973 flat black Rallye Challenger

I also use Spectro in all of my old Harleys.

Spectro heavy duty motorcycle oil in my '39 Knuckle

And I am using their other products on my newest build, my '37 Knuckle "Redemption"

Spectro fork oil, brake fluid and 101 to help build my '37 Knuckle "Redemption"

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Viking Bags Moto Motorcycle Backpack

OMG, I LOVE this Viking moto motorcycle backpack from Viking Bags! I carry a backpack 365 days a year but since I ride so much, the backpack that I normally use isn't capable of carrying very much and especially can't carry my large DSLR Canon camera with lens and battery grip. I am a moto-journalist and since I ride a chopper, I can't pack very much AND I have to be able to carry my camera safely. Problem solved with this Viking backpack. I LOVE how it contours to your body; it fits me perfectly with its molded body. I love that it is padded and made of durable Cordura material. The fact that it is made in Pakistan is a great thing as I know that they make high quality items in their country.

Viking Bags moto backpack

Viking Bags moto backpack

The backpack has two small side pockets that are not very big, maybe for credit cards, cash; proof of insurance, gum- those kinds of things. The zippers are large and seem to be very well made and easy to unzip. The main compartment has several interior compartments. To carry my camera, I take the lens off and this backpack has NO problem being able to carry my camera PLUS many other things very comfortably. This backpack also has a built in helmet hood but since I always wear a helmet I will not be utilizing that option. There is also a Velcro pocket on the backside (the side that contours to your body) and a zippered pocket where the built in hood lives.

Viking Bags moto backpack

I love how this backpack has two sets of adjustable straps- the first wrapping around the front of your chest and the second larger set wrapping around the bottom of your waist. This keeps the backpack from catching wind and keeps it fitted to you as you ride since this is most definitely a MOTORCYCLE backpack.

I have tried other backpacks in the past and most of them are square and never feel "right" when you are riding. This one is NOT like that! When I went to North Carolina and got caught in the rain in the Smoky Mountains, this pack protected my camera and all of my gear!  I love everything about this backpack and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a better riding backpack.

Viking Bags moto backpack

It can be purchased on Amazon here or directly through their website here.