AMAZING cheap life

AMAZING cheap life

Friday, October 28, 2016

Win a $50 JEGS gift certificate

You can win a $50 JEGS gift certificate if you are a member of Coolridesonline.

Next Monday I will running the giveaway.  I will post the giveaway question Monday morning and entries will be accepted until Friday morning when I announce the winner.

Signing up at Cool Rides Online is FREE!!!!

Each week there is a new contest and you can win amazing prizes.

I have already won :

$15 Dairy Queen gift card
Model Corvette
Sta-bil jacket
Sta-bil hat
Coolridesonline (CRO) blanket
CRO duffel bag!

Sign up here

Monday, October 10, 2016

Brand Ambassador requests

Chris Gibbany Ironhead Iron Man

I am in over 20 magazines a year.  Between my old Mopars, vintage Harleys, hedgehogs and other interests, I can get YOUR brand seen.

I have done work with Motorcycle House, am currently rocking some Just Get Dirty Garage shirts, and am looking to take on some new adventures.

I am the Chevy Classics Arkansas Representative, the Arkansas Representative for the Global Women Who Ride project and  a Gold Eagle ambassador in conjunction with being a CRO (Coolridesonline) Champ.

I give updates on Garage Girls, am featured on various calendars, including three years in a row, since the inception, on the coveted Throttle Gals calendar and am always promoting myself and others that I believe in.

I also freelance for several motorcycle magazines and have been writing a column for Renegade Magazine for over three years.  I just recently signed on with Throttle Gals magazine.

I would LOVE to test more motorcycle riding gear..  I would also love to be a brand ambassador for boots, especially 8" steel toed versions, since that is all I wear.  I would be interested in testing warm clothing for riding and for hunting, since I do both.  Other interests are:  unique clothing, makeup, exotic hair color opportunities, tie dyed bandannas,

If you have a product that you think might jive with my lifestyle and personality, shoot me an email.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Muscle Car Review November 2016 issue

Look for my 1974 Charger in the upcoming issue of Muscle Car Review.  Check it out when the issue goes on sale Oct. 14.

Friday, August 12, 2016

MotionU car motorcycle events website

MotionU used my 74 Charger as their cover photo a few weeks ago on their website.

My 1974 Dodge Charger on MotionU website

They have since used my 73 Challenger as their cover photo.

Check out the site here

Riding my 1956 Panhead in Easyriders October 2016 issue

Woo Hoo!  Easyriders published a photo of me riding my Panhead in their "In the Wind" section of the October issue that was just released.  Also equally cool, they published a photo of Gabe riding his Flathead in the same issue but on a different page!!!

Should also be in their G-rated V-Twin version of the magazine.

October 2016 Easyriders

October 2016 V-Twin Easyriders