AMAZING Cheap Life

AMAZING Cheap Life

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Avon Tyres- one of my sponsors for The Long Road

I LOVE Avon tyres, so much that I entered the 2014 Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover because they were giving a set of Avons away!  Well, I won the Makeover back then and I was already running MK II Avons on my 1956 Panhead so I put the new set on my other bike!

When I decided to start seeking out more sponsors I wrote to Avon hoping to get a T-shirt and I received a set of tires!!!!!!   So of course, then I asked for a T-shirt and got that too!

I only run Avon MK II's, on both the front and back since all of my bikes run double 16's.  I can't believe how much better they ride.  It really is night and day!

I am so honored to have Avon Tyres as one of my sponsors!!!  Check out all they have to offer here.

Avon Tyres on 1956 Harley Panhead

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spectro Oils- one of my sponsors for The Long Road

I am excited to report that several companies have stepped up to sponsor me on this 1000 mile journey!

Spectro Oils is sponsoring me with some of their Heavy Duty Motorcycle Oil in SAE 60.  I won the Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover in 2014 and was awarded a case of their full synthetic oil.  I didn't realize until this week that they make a straight 60 and 70 weight oil.  Riding old vintage bikes like I do, I need a good strong 60 weight oil, so I am excited to be sponsored by Spectro Oils!

Check out all of their products here.

Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 mushroom season Boone County Arkansas

First day hunting early this week and picked just 17.  They are up early this year.  Should be a great year indeed.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Brand ambassador requests, testing products and cross promotion

Ad designed by Scharf for Renegade Magazine

I am in over 20 magazines a year.  Between my old Mopars, AMC's, vintage Harleys, hedgehogs and other interests, I can get YOUR brand seen.

I have worked with Motorcycle House, am currently rocking some Just Get Dirty Garage shirts, and am looking to take on some new adventures.  I just started working with Viking Bags and MotoOz check it out  here !

I was the the Chevy Classics and Worldwide Camaro Club Arkansas Representative  for over 12 years, am currently the Arkansas Representative for the Global Women Who Ride project and a Gold Eagle Ambassador in conjunction with being a CRO (Coolridesonline) Champ.

I won the Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover in 2014 and I won the Lunati Bootlegger Outlaw contest in 2015!

I give updates on Garage Girls, am featured on various calendars, including FOUR years in a row, (since the inception), on the coveted Throttle Gals calendar and am always promoting myself and others that I believe in.

I also freelance for several motorcycle magazines and have been writing a column for Renegade Magazine for over three years.  I just recently signed on with Throttle Gals magazine.

I would LOVE to test more motorcycle riding gear. I would also love to be a brand ambassador for boots, especially 8" steel toed versions, since that is all I wear.  I would be interested in testing warm clothing for riding and hunting, since I do both. 

If you have a product that you think might jive with my lifestyle and personality, shoot me an email.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 Throwback Thursdays starting SOON

Throwback Thursdays at the local Kenda Drive-In will be starting SOON!

Go check out this great write-up on Street Muscle Magazine about Throwback Thursdays- here
2017 Throwback Thursdays at Kenda Drive-In in Marshall, Arkansas

Goody bag/door prize donations this year are from:

Hagerty Insurance
Painless Wiring
Throttle Gals Magazine
Muscle Car Review Magazine
Just Get Dirty Garage
Summit Racing
Hemmings Motors
Surf City
Lucas Oil
DP Brands- Hurst, Flowmaster, B&M Racing
Classic Performance
Eaton Detroit Spring